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Clonidine is an anti-hypertensive drug, which is used to treat panic/ anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, inflammation related aches and ADHD.
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Catapres 0.10mg

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    Drug Information

    Clinidine or Catapres, approved by FDA in 1974 but developed and launched in 1977, is used for the treatment of anxiety or panic disorders, aches and pains related with inflammation, AHD and hypertension.  It is available as pills and patches.

     While pills tackle anxiety and panic, and hypertension related aches and pains, patches deal with high blood pressure.  It has been effective in dealing with hot flashes in females too.

     This drug has quite a few other medical benefits, some of which are given below:

    • Catapres is the ideal remedy for tackling hot flashes in women.
    • Instances of high blood pressure are effectively dealt with using this drug.
    • Catapres regulates production of growth hormones.
    • Autistic children with hyperactivity and issues related to concentration or attention are also treated using Catapres.
    • Children suffering from anxiety disorders after a trauma can be easily treated using Catapres.
    • Catapres can be used by women prone to breast cancer without putting themselves at the risk of providing impetus of the cancerous growth of cells.



    Catapres is considered to be the best when it comes to treating instances of high blood pressure and AHD in females. It remains the ideal choice for dealing with hot flashes. All this makes it the best alpha receptor.

    How to Take Catapres?

    Catapres is used to treat adults and children above 6 years of age. The appropriate dose would be recommended by the physician bearing in mind several factors like medical history of patient, response of the individuls to treatment, and the incumbent physical and mental condition of the individuals.

     The fundamental dose is a 0.1mg tablet that is to be given two times a day to the adult patients. The dose for children would be determined according to their weight.

    Catapres used as patches on the skin is meant to be changed every week. Different body parts are supposed to have different patches every week.

     Subscribers of Catapres are bound to experience some of the following side-effects:

    • Feeling hot
    • Mild fever
    • Ear pain, headache
    • Nightmares, sleep issues (insomnia)
    • Mood changes
    • Sore throat, sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, cough and other cold symptoms
    • Irritable or feeling tired
    • Dizziness, drowsiness


    • If Catapres is an allergen for you, you must discuss thoroughly all consequences of its uses with the doctor before using it. Any instances of disorders of the heart and kidney must be discussed with the physician before embarking on a dose of Catapres.
    • Do consult a medical practitioner before trying out Catapres if you are expecting a delivery. Do consult a doctor again if you are breast-feeding a child and want to use Catapres. Catapres could have ill effects on the unborn child and the newborn too.
    • The prescription should be strictly followed in terms of amount consumed too when it comes to taking in Catapres.
    • A subscription to a mediation other than Catapres should be shared with the physician before beginning with Catapres because the two might interfere with each other.
    • A dizziness might be felt while using Catapres, so it is not recommended to drive heavy vehicles or operate any kind of machinery if you use Catapres. 

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