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The generic name of the drug Clarinex is desloratadine and it is also the active ingredient of the drug.
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Clarinex 5mg

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Drug Information

Clarinex is an antihistamine drug prescribed for treatment of nasal and non nasal symptoms of seasonal allergies like sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose etc. It is indicated for relief of symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis, helps relieve pruritus and hives in patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria and others. This medicine is not given to children younger than 6 months of age. It may be prescribed by the doctor for any other medical condition not mentioned here. Iy is available in tablet and oral solution forms.


Clarinex contains active ingredient desloratadine. Histamine is natural chemical in body which is the main cause of stimulation of allergies in body. This medicine helps reduce the effects of the histamine in body thereby relieving the allergic symptoms. Maximum plasma concentration occurs within 3 hours of administering the medicine. The medicine to work effectively, it should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. It is very important to maintain constant level of medicine during the treatment, to maintain this the medicine should be atken at evenly spaced out intervals and for full prescribed period by the doctor.

How to take Clarinex

Clarinex can be taken with or without food, orally with plenty of water.

Usually one 5mg tablet of Clarinex once daily is recommended for adults. For children dose is low and oral solution is a better option. Take the dosage under medical supervision and exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

Do not skip any dose. In case of overdose consult your physician immediately. If you miss any dose take it when you remember, but if it is near the time of next dose then do not take. No two doses should be atken together.

As is the case with any medicine this medicine too have certain side effects like cough, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, shortness pf breath, swellings, rashes, hives, headache, dizziness, nausea or nay other such symptoms. If you see any symptom becoming severe then stop taking the medicine and immediately consult your doctor and take medical help.


Before taking any medicine for the first time read the prescription label very thoroughly. You can even discuss advantages and disadvantages of the medicine with your doctor. Also take certain necessary precautions like:

  • If you have hypersensitivity to any medicine then inform doctor. In case you are taking any medicine along with Clarinex then ask your doctor first to avoid any adverse reactions.
  • Discuss your  medical history with your doctor and inform if you have any disease like that of heart, liver, kidney or any other.
  • Consult doctor before taking in case of pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • Though the medicine does not make you drowsy, it is advisable not to drive alone when taking this medicine.
  • Oral solution and rapidly dissolving tablet may contain sugar, so if you have diabetes or phenylketonuria or any other condition then ask your doctor before using this medicine.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in cool and dry place, preferably at room temperature.


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